When your friends need you

I had a spirited discussion with a friend yesterday and I got stuck on a thought. We were talking about needing your friend and then feeling like they are not available. And trust me I’ve felt like that multiple times and actually some friendships I’ve had has ended on the feeling that people were being selfish and not being supportive when I’m always there. Anyway let’s leave my divaness out this and try stick to the point.

As usual my mind refused to have it done with since I was trying to see a different point of view. So here are a couple of questions that kept looping, since we never write friendship contracts that define levels of friendship, how do we determine we are at level 4 versus level 3? And is there a clear definition, characteristic and benefits attached to each level? Let me give an example, when we get DStv packages you know which bouquet affords you which channel and that MNet, 202 are only in the highest bouquet. So someone paying BWP75 cannot even expect the luxury of MNet, or can they? And what exactly would we look for to measure the level, I meant what are the goal post or deliverables?

Seems weird? I guess it could be seeing we meet fall in love instantly and become friends. Or I love my bag you love mine,boom friends. I like you, you like me, you can’t afford me boom zoned! When does the depth come in? Its complicated like any other issue that involves human emotion. I might mean more to you than you mean more to me. I might express love a little bit differently. So let’s be kind and compassionate to others,and before we doubt our friends involvement let’s try find out their story. Maybe, just maybe you’re  fair weather buddies and not friends to that level or you are your friend’s going through worse.

So it’s my realization that when friends need you just love them tuu! They didn’t realize you needed them last time. Let it rest, give them a hug. And next time voice you expectation before sulking neh! Its a little more effective than sulking.


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