Mme was a Giant

A month and a day ago, my Grandmother said goodbye to this realm. We’ve said eulogies, sang hymns, shared memories. Though she was small in stature, I’ve always seen her as a giant because she carried us, All of us, her children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, great nieces and nephews. She never tired. This is to her.

On the shoulders of a giant

We stood firm

We saw that hills are not mountains, they even end in small ridges

We saw that they, are, the beginnings of rainbows

We became fearless


On the shoulders of this giant 

We bounced around as our paths winded

Seeing wonders near and far

Sending moss code to the world, punctuating it with laughter

We are happy


On the shoulders of this gentle giant

We saw the world

We bypassed sandpits and picked out flat rock

There we build our home

We are safe


On the shoulders of a tiny giant

We saw our numbers

Close to each other

Knee deep in a swamp giving out heart bubbles

Color and melody continue to swirl around us

Remnants of them cling to us, through them we speak

We are family