Children Hate Chores

I am yet to grow up and meet a child who loves chores, especially the washing of dishes. In my adult years I’ve come to enjoy the exercise because of its result really (a clean uncluttered kitchen) instead of the process. There! I will engage in it where ever a need arises. A dirty kitchen clouds my mind, disturbs energy flow somehow. So its my therapy in a way, but if someone else is up for it they are totally welcome. Okay before I bored you to death with dishes,I was trying to make a point, which I think was the distastefulness monotony, but necessity of chores. Rationaly chores should be welcome, they are necessary for continuity of life, just like work. Hold on, this is not an attempt to start a debate on industraliasation or our conditioning to it. But maybe you have a point, let’s explore that for a minute. How many people do you know enjoy their work/employment? A few? Ya me too. And how many self employed people or business owners irritate you with “when you enjoy what you do you don’t see it as work”. All of them? Yes! I think they’re on to some thing there. Lets explore it. When you love something its like you’re playing a game, or hanging with friends or reading a great book, it just keeps pulling you in that direction. And the more you do it the more you earn if you’ve structured your business right. This reminds me of what Steve Harvey says in his recent book; Act Like A Success Think like A Success “Life is more than wading through a lifeless job” “My gift is making people laugh” then he goes on to say, listen very carefully, “When we utilize our gift, the universe thanks us by giving us an abundance of riches-from abundant opportunities to good health to financial success”. We cant help but listen to him, we all know how much he’s racking in from making people laugh. No matter how you unpack these statements they lead you to one place. Do what you love, it makes you feel good, feeling good makes you well, in mind body and spirit, and you get to do it as often as you get the opportunity therefore it will bring you wealth. My realization is that children hate chores because they are a disturbance, a break away from the exhilaration of playing, from fun. Like little children, our jobs are like chores, they keep us from having fun, find your gift, your passion, there you will find life.