I’m Here Now

I’ve been an avid reader all my life, the more books I read the more I wanted to write. However the courage to do so was forever evading me, firstly the word weaving seems to be too complex, secondly i was a smart child and constantly being told I’ll be a doctor, an engineer or an accountant. Arts were not for the high IQed, not in Africa,no Ma’am, you become a respectable professional. A medical doctor of course being the highest honor and respect to your parents.  So of course writing was shelved. Ok fine let me not just blame society, vanity did contribute to this shelving. No one ever speaks of the glamour of writing, there are no high heels here, just professors with pipes and checked jackets or so i thought.

With age and of course a bucket list i’m here now, to echo thoughts that somehow fought and found their way to paper despite all the obstacles. And no i’m not a medical doctor, common sense did win in the end. After all the heart wants what the heart wants. That is my realization.

Welcome and happy reading